Arjun Mahadevan —
Designer & Art Director based in London, delivering impactful, concept-led creative solutions for over 12 years.

Driven by a passion for creative thinking and beautiful design, I produce thoughtful, relevant and engaging experiences for a breadth of clients and to a variety of briefs and audiences. Throughout my career I have developed a wide range of creative expertise from branding and editorial to digital and user interface design. I'm currently working as Senior Designer at the Greater London Authority.

Selected Work ↓

London Elects —

The 2021 Mayor of London and London Assembly elections took place a year later than originally planned due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The primary objective of this campaign was to inform Londoners of the new date of the elections, and the approach referenced the delay in a humorous way by showing the new date hastily plastered over the old, as yet another event that had been postponed. The campaign spanned a variety of media, including broadcast video, radio, posters, social media and other digital platforms. Adverts visually referencing LED timetables were also displayed on buses around London.

Face Coverings —

During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the Mayor of London ran a campaign to encourage young people to wear face coverings in public spaces, as research had shown that younger people were less likely to and more likely to spread the virus. This approach targeted that audience with a straight and direct message, avoiding a lot of the patronising and cliched messaging that was crowding health guidance comms at the time, as well as featuring real Londoners for an authentic reflection of the city. Photography by Caroline Teo.

Whatever The Weather —

Homelessness is an issue that often gets ignored during the summer months. This Mayor of London campaign raised awareness of the issue by taking the focus away from the things people usually associate with summer, and inserting basic things that we take for granted. The campaign coincided with the launch of a new rapid response initiative, allowing members of the public to refer people sleeping rough to local support services as quickly as possible. Posters were run across the transport network and printed using Pantone neons for extra standout in a visually busy setting.

London Is Open —

London Is Open is a campaign that has been run continuously by the Mayor of London since the European Union membership referendum in 2016. In the run up to the UK officially leaving the EU, the campaign objective and message shifted to become more urgent, supportive and informative.

The campaign was wide ranging and featured out-of-home displays around London's transport network, at the BT Tower, Bloomberg Arcade, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and the Serpentine Gallery among other locations. A series of floor decals inspired by welcome mats were placed at stations across London, located in areas with high populations of immigrants from European countries. The messages read 'London is open' in different European languages, speaking directly to those communities and reassuring them that they will always be a welcome part of the city. A bus adorned with the campaign message toured the city, with legal experts on board offering free advice to European Londoners about their rights and how to apply for settled status. Photography by Caroline Teo.

Africa In London —

Africa in London is an event programme aimed at celebrating African culture and appreciating its importance as part of London's identity. The programme was created by the Mayor of London and British Council in partnership with African arts, cultural and heritage organisations. For the first edition of an ambitious programme, the promotional material needed to be bold and striking, whilst relevant to the core demographic and engaging to a younger, creative audience. The campaign took inspiration from the Afrofuturist cultural movement, using collages of bright coloured images associated with the cultural events on show.

Liberty —

Liberty is the Mayor of London's disability arts festival for the creatively empowered, celebrating the work of Deaf and disabled artists across three boroughs over three days. The event's promotional materials featured dancers in various poses with dynamic adverbs interacting with the figures. Photography by Hugo Glendinning, 2014, taken from Face In by Yasmeen Godder.

Team London Ambassadors —

Every summer, hundreds of volunteers welcome tourists at destinations around the city. Known as London’s ‘friendly face’, the Team London Ambassadors show the world the best we have to offer. Since its inception during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, the programme has had the same identity, so it was overdue a refresh. The new identity uses a bright and 'friendly' pink to stand out around London's busy tourist attractions, featuring playful illustrations of London's landscape. Photography by Caroline Teo.

Kalash Co. —

Kalash Co. is an established traditional print and packaging company based in Syria, specialising in pre-press, press and post-press for the paper and board packaging industry. The organisation wanted a fresh new logo to help it stand out amongst its competitors as it looked to relocate and expand its operations throughout the region. The logo took inspiration from the materials used throughout the company's process, referencing the cutting and folding involved in packaging production through a clean and simple design.

Fixfaff —

Fixfaff is an on-demand mobile messaging service for booking travel within 7 days of departure. The service aims to "take the faff out of booking travel" with a team of trained experts doing the hard work, and providing options to users based on their requirements. A new digital company needed a simple and sleek logo with enough to stand out in a crowded market.

Forward3D —

Forward3D is an international digital agency founded in 2004. Since expanding, the company has grown from a digital startup to a successful global agency with a focus on high end clients in the luxury, fashion and travel sectors. As such the rebrand needed to reflect the company's evolving status and direction, and reposition it in terms of client focus.

Cardwall —

Cardwall is an agency-side project management and organising tool, which allows users to create task 'cards' with tags, multiple users, due dates, sticky notes, priority levels, colour codes and client links, all built within Forward3D's app management system, Stage. It also includes an internal messaging system where users can message each other on a specific 'card' or 'wall', including the the ability to add images and attachments. The complex level of functionality required a bold, but simple user interface in keeping with Forward3D's identity.

No More Heroes —

A self-initiated project comprising of four silkscreen printed square posters, dedicated to the words of four influential figures in my upbringing — my heroes. The prints focus on a quotation from each person, using imagery to represent and emphasise their words, and opacities of standard and metallic ink to heighten their sense of value. All posters are hand printed onto GF Smith Colorplan papers.

John Peel: "Listen mate, life has surface noise." (responding to a claim that CDs are better than records because they ‘don't have surface noise’). Mark E Smith: "If you're gonna play it out of tune, play it out of tune properly" (in an interview for ‘Renegade: The Lives and Tales of Mark E Smith’, 2008). Mos Def: "Young bloods can't add but they can rock you at Playstation" (from his 1999 song ‘Mathematics’). Bill Hicks: "Don't worry. Don't be afraid ever, because this is just a ride" (from his 1992 show ‘Revelations’)